Sunday, June 11, 2006

Posts so far for parshat Behaalotecha

  1. Chovav As A Witness, or Guide?
  2. Who Was Chovav? Who Was Yisro? And Who Was Moshe's Father-In-Law?
  3. Related to the Above: Another Interesting Cognate from "Hebrew Cognates In Amharic"
  4. No More, No End, Not Gathered
  5. BeKetuvim (Eldad and Medad)
  6. Would You Go Back To Slavery In Egypt For This?
  7. The Manna, On the Other Hand
  8. cross-listed from parshat Chukas: For What Sin Was Moshe Punished?
  1. Parsing Moshe's Prayer
  2. Who Is The Naar?
  3. "Na" Only Connotes Please
to be continued...

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