Thursday, June 22, 2006

Shlach: Minyanim and Meraglim

Chaim B. asks according to the opinion that there were actually 24 spies (recorded in a Yerushalmi) -- how can this be, given that we deduce from the eidah that a minyan needs to be composed of 10 people?

This reminds me of an ethnic joke -
Q: how come it is so difficult for [insert ethnic group here] Jews to form a minyan?
A: (counting on fingers to Tehillim 28:9) hoshi'a es amecha, uvarech es nachlasecha, ur'em, ur'em ur'em, ur'em venase'em, ur'em ...

And another joke, basically which says that we are really lucky to have had Calev and Yehoshua as spies, because otherwise it would have been even harder to find a minyan.


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