Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vikuach Al Chochmat HaKabbalah is online

Much thanks to thanbo for bringing this to my attention.
Shadal's vikuach al chochmat hakkabalah, which I learned over Shavuot, is actually available online in the unsorted section of seforim online. Scroll down and look for the file named ויכוח על חכמת הקבלה.pdf.

It is a slightly different version than mine. It is the version which has just the one sefer in it, and is written in Rashi script rather than block print -- basically, the one my father has. The one I mentioned in the comment thread of a previous post contains two seforim from Shadal in it, is in block print, and has some nice footnotes in it.

Shadal wrote this while unmarried, before he married at the age of 28 - based on a comment he makes in the beginning of the second day (/chapter).

There are a couple of interesting points from Shadal I want to make, including the nature of peshat and the phenomenon of "philosophical drash" which skews original intent of pesukim and statements of Chazal, and perhaps I will use this pdf rather than scanning in from my copy.

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Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

Wow, I did not know this was available. Thanks for mentioning it!


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