Friday, June 09, 2006

Yoma Daf Yomi starts today

(see e-daf) though doing Rif Yomi, I find myself 72 pages ahead. This because Rif begins in the eighth perek, focusing on halacha lemaaseh. I'll post the first page of Rif on Yoma soon on the alfasi blog, but then there will be about a two month hiatus.

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Anonymous said...

One thing I thought was interesting about your notes on the Parsha Naso was the connection with the wine in the Sotah and the Nazir vow. I would not have drawn to that conclusion.

A connection was made similar to making the accused woman drink the dusty, bitter water was when Moshe made the adultress people after the worshipping of the golden calf drink the grounded up idol. I know I worded that wrong, but I found it interesting.

Thanks for sharing the Parsha notes. Most interesting.

Hope you had a great Shabbat.


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