Friday, October 22, 2021

Review Questions for Learning Sukkah 2a.1


1) Who is the typical author of a stam Mishnah? Tosefta? Sifra? Sifrei?

2) Why put the position as setam instead of spelling it out?

3) Which side of the page is Rashi?

4) What are the three types of links on the gemara's page? Names of these commentary links.

5) What are two extremely important skills / characteristics for learning gemara?


1) What is Rashi's explanation for why Rabbi Yehuda and the Tanna Kamma disagree about >20 amot?

2) What is Rashi's explanation for why < 10 is invalid?

3) What is Rashi's explanation for why more sun than shade is a problem?

4) Why is shlosha put in parentheses?

Gemara - first sugya

1) What is a "mavuy" that has a height?

2) Why not say pasul, in your own words? Two explanations.

Some hints:

אמר רבי יוחנן: "סתם משנה רבי מאיר סתם תוספתא רבי נחמיה, סתם ספרא רבי יהודה, סתם ספרי רבי שמעון וכולהו אליבא דרבי עקיבא".

plurality because pasken. came out of his beit midrash with rabbi yehuda hanasi redacting

inside margin

back in time, contemporary, forward to halacha

sitzfleish and keeping finger on place

wait and see



crossbeam needs to be seen, before moving from alleyway to real road


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