Thursday, June 15, 2006

parshat Behaalotecha roundup 2006

Category: Analysis:

Sedra Shorts analyzes the incident at Tav'era based on Rashi.

Though I would personally label it more homiletic. ADDeRabbi discussed why the manna could not turn certain flavors and connects it to the development of the Israelites as the development of an infant. My debunking of this dvar is here.

Torah Thoughts, in a post called "No Comment," addresses the absence of Moshe's response to the charge that he separated from his wife in terms of the sudden interjection that Moshe was exceedingly humble. Personally, I don't see that Moshe was being addressed at all, but rather this talking of Aaron and Miriam was done behind Moshe's back.

Category: Homiletics

Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz analyzes the first and second Rashis on the parsha and finds a lesson that if one is willing to put in the dirty work, Hashem will ensure that in the end the task is completed. Plus more homiletic material.

Category: Halacha

Bluke discusses a prohibition of making the vessels of the mikdash, its reason, and its application.

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I'll throw in this d'var Torah, which I just finished, a week or so late:


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