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parsha roundup: Naso



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Category: Homiletics
Torah Thoughts by Rafi G. seems to like citing Rashis and expanding on the homiletical aspects of these Rashis. In "Shock to the System" he cites the Rashi that the laws of Nazir follow those of Sotah since one reacts to seeing the Sotah, which was caused by wine, by vowing off wine. He considers the contrast of taking part in the world with reaction against overindulgence. In "Positive Way of Thinking" he notes that Rashi notes that the positive aspect of the Sotah's oath (that she did not sleep with the man) and deduces that "we are to look for optimism and merit all the time." In "It'll come from One Pocket or the Other" he cites a Rashi that the proximity to the parsha about priestly gifts shows that either one gives the gifts due a kohen or will have to give the kohen the korban of the Sotah for his wife. He deduces that the money is not ours but God's, and if one does not do what he should do with the money, God will take it from the other pocket."

Rabbi Gurkow at Inner Stream has a short post "Who Is the Misfit Anyway?" which has a cute neo-drasha. “raise the head of the tribal family Gershon,” benei gershon. He takes Gershon from גרש, and interprets to mean that those who are normally exiled and banished from society should instead have their heads raised. "Let us teach them, nurture them and uplift their spirits so as to enable them to “fit in.”" In "Transforming the Desert," he notes how the Temple Service was held in a barren locale, and understands the mission to be making the barrenness bloom. Sur MeiRa = avoiding the barrenness and Asei Tov = making it bloom. He once again interprets Gershon to mean banish, thus to banish the evil, and Kehat coming from yikhat, thus to gather together and make bloom.

AlanLaz muses on the theme of the nazir's reaction to the Sotah, building on Rashi.

Category: Analysis

ADDeRabbi suggests a non-miraculous, rationalist approach to the halacha of Sotah, and why this parsha need not show that halacha interfaces with miracle.

Category: Structure
Jameel at the Muqata notes that we will lose synchronicity with Eretz Yisrael this week.

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