Monday, June 19, 2006

Did Bush Pledge Allegiance to the Israeli Flag?

So I notice someone linked to my earlier parshablog item about the Bush Daf Yomi spoof in order to demonstrate to some anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist that the photo is faked. Alas, while a major point of my post was to warn people that when making Purim jokes, we should take care because people ignorant of Judaism will not spot the joke, some joker anonymously commented giving an 'explanation' of how the photo might not be photoshopped - because Bush might be chassidish! While funny, that anonymous joke has now been cited as evidence by said ant-Semitic conspiracy theorist to claim that the photo might not be photoshopped.

Of course, people willing to modify evidence don't really need our help to do it... Here is another item, from that same thread. Did Bush really salute the Israeli flag? This picture sure makes it seem like it...

But wait -- what is that flag behind Bush? And how come the picture size is so awkward? Someone has cropped the image! Furthermore, the image name is bush_israel_flag_2.jpg, implying that there was an earlier image. Indeed, a search on the web yields the original, bush israel flag.jpg:

President George Bush and his wife are standing in front of several flags, of several different countries, presumably in the UN during the Star Spangled Banner or some such. Bush's wife is not pledging allegiance to whatever flag is in front of her! Clever photoshopping is at work here.

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