Sunday, September 27, 2009

posts so far for Yom Kippur


  1. Well, this first one from 2010, at least. I'm going to point out a bunch of my Yonah posts. First, Did the Malbim on Yonah predict an undersea river? I don't think so.
  2. What was Yonah's message? A different parse yields a different message for Yanah to deliver.
  3. Yonah and the Goldfish
  4. Yonah's Rebellion and Yonah as Metaphor

  1. My theory about the runaway scapegoat -- that they let it run away deliberately.

  2. Did the designated man live out the year? And what is the basis for saying he did not?

  3. A defense of Rabbi Eleazar haKallir from Ibn Ezra's criticisms -- here and here.

  4. The nusach for shlugging kapporos.

  1. Two whole goats?! -- a post for Toledot, which touches on the idea that the two goats prepared for Yitzchak corresponded to the two goats on Yom Kippur.

  2. From Acharei Mos, the Goral LaAzazal, and what it might mean.

  1. Makom Kavuah, and Astro-turf. A short anecdote which teaches an interesting lesson.

  2. And saying Selichot.

  3. No greater days for Israel than Yom Kippur and Tu BeAv.
  1. An important note for women shlugging kapparos using money -- a correction to the Artscroll nusach. Well, not so important. But a correction nonetheless.

  2. All of Rif on masechet Yoma.
  1. The goat to Azazel -- which may look like syncretism, but is really sending it off to a place. And I try to prove it.

  2. Yonah's rebellion, and Yonah as metaphor -- and how Yonah recognizes that he is to serve as a lesson. And a bit on political correctness coming against academic integrity.
  1. Aruch Hashulchan on (and against) kapparot, with my English translation.

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