Monday, September 14, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #210

  1. Some interesting discussion of Arami Oved Avi, and its meaning. But there are more posts to come. At parshablog, considering how to parse Arami Oved Avi according to midrash vs. peshat, and the dispute between Ibn Ezra, Radak et al. on one side and Mizrachi and Maharal on the other, where the latter seem to consider the former quasi-heretical. And how the Karaites have their cake and eat it too, by making the Arami into Lavan, but still preserving the Oved as an intransitive.

    And at DovBear, he considers who the Aramean is, and discusses the point that since the midrash and peshat are mutually exclusive, how did they reconcile grammar miSinai vs. midrash miSinai? And answers that the midrash and Ibn Ezra are operating from different assumptions. And in a followup, about how maaseh avot siman levanim, that is how he sees parallels of this dispute in modern day Judaism.

    Meanwhile, see Dr. Richard Steiner's comprehensive article on the subject of Arami Oved Avi, and his suggestion at the end of just how the midrashic understand indeed works out grammatically.

  2. On the Main Line with two analyses about why Rashi letters are called Rashi letters -- that Rashi invented them, and a view disproving this.

  3. Scientists levitate mice.

  4. An interesting halachic ruling about permitting senior officers to travel on Shabbos to locate intoxicated soldiers.

  5. Vos Iz Neias has a bunch of interesting articles. Thus, a discussion (in video and transcript) between Rabbi Yair Hoffman and Yoilish Krauss about Hafganot in Yerushalayim. And Rav Moshe Feinstein about milk in the US, from companies.

    And in Netania, Kolel students clash, and one is killed.
    "What you did was not Jewish."
    But of course, stabbing someone is. In the comment section, some clarifactions as to the background here, which makes it a bit less surprising.

  6. Frum and Flipped on the segulah of going to Uman, except she cannot go because women aren't really welcome there. So getting prayed for in Uman, by her driving instructor.

  7. Life in Israel on a while shirt being a holy uniform, and whether one should insist on it at the expense of one's job.

  8. From Bizarro, the ascent of snow man.

  9. Chareidim spreading raspberry syrup on benches to prevent boys and girls from sitting on them together.

  10. Here at parshablog, wondering whether Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak will apologize if mashiach does not come in the next few days...

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