Sunday, September 27, 2009

When the fast of Yom Kippur begins, and ends, in Gardens Hills

Of course, check your own local times at the sites given. What is given here is for Zip code 11367, in New York.

The Etz Chaim bulletin doesn't give a start time (though gives 6:26 as candle-lighting time), but gives an end time of 7:25 PM.

According to Chabad it begins today at candle-lighting time, at:

and ends tomorrow at:

You can confirm yourself when candle-lighting is. There is an inyan of tesefet yom hakippurim at play here.

According to MyZmanim, about when the fast ends:

Yom-Kipper Ends

with the emergence of 3 stars at:
7:23 PM
[?מהיכא תיתי]

Some wait 72 minutes - until 7:55 PM


thanbo said...

looks like they're holding 8.5 degrees below horizon. A friend constantly maintains it should be 6.5 degrees, and that everybody who says 8.5 has no real basis in shas/poskim for it, they just want to be more chamur.

can you point towards sources for 8.5 degrees and why?

joshwaxman said...

very interesting.
sorry, this isn't my field of expertise (or even competency), so i don't feel competent to comment...



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