Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #207

  1. Read the first chapter of the next Wheel of Time book, The Gathering Storm, for free on their website. More details here.

  2. Blog in Dm takes note of a new intellectual property pesak, also noted by Vos Iz Neias, in an article at Arutz Sheva, that simcha hall owners must pay royalties for music.

  3. Life in Israel on a the policy of a seminary in Israel that girls cannot get engaged (/ date?) during their year; and of a girl told at her engagement party not to come back to school.

  4. Emes veEmunah on a kiruv con involving Ohr Sameach and Birthright. I don't really see what the big deal is.

  5. On the Main Line tries to define a maskil.

  6. Hebrew Books has a list of Seforim they have scanned in so far in September. One interesting entry is She'elot uTeshuvot min Hashamayim.

  7. Wolfish Musings has thoughts about a case, raised at Matzav, of someone lying about her age, and whether it is grounds for breaking a shidduch. What about concealing from a yeshiva that one is a blogger, by remaining anonymous? There are obvious answers, but there are also often unappreciated nuances.

  8. At Rationalist Judaism, Rabbi Slifkin "wonders" whether Maharal was a creative genius or an unoriginal redactor.

  9. The Jewish Worker considers whether the chareidi world is turning against the Edah Chareidis.

  10. Avakesh notes a board game about the seige of Jerusalem.

  11. Here at parshablog, I consider whether the Bar Yochni bird was an ostrich, evaluating some of the sources Rabbi Slifkin discusses in his Sacred Monsters, but using a different methodology and coming to a somewhat different conclusion.

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yaak said...

Oh, the good old She'elot uTeshuvot min Hashamayim - just in time for Lo Bashamayim Hi.


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