Monday, September 07, 2009

Authentic Judaism?

Maybe if we give him all the attention he craves, he will just go away. Enough people have been giving him attention, even to simply say that he does not deserve attention.

Of course, he does not deserve attention. The posts there are inane, as if written by someone not entirely sane. And it is just name calling, rather than substantive points. Who cares about what he writes?

Having one's blog name showing up in the top hits of a Google search is not such an impressive feat. Search for Hirhurim and the Hirhurim blog comes up. Search for Parsha Blog and Parshablog will show up. Search for Little Green Footballs and Little Green Footballs will come up. What is an impressive feat is having something relating to your topic come up. Searching for Parsha, admittedly part of my blog name, makes Parshablog come up. And for a while I was the top hit for Zohar. That is impressive, and is an "authentic" claim to fame.

Nobody searches for Authentic Judaism. And hardly anybody writes about it as a phrase -- less than 10,000 hits on google, if you enclose the phrase in quotation marks. If he was the top hit for Judaism, that would be something.

At any rate, see Hirhurim's post on Authentic Judaism.


Rav Aaron Leibowitz said...

See my post on this subject:

YDG said...

I'm a gentile studying the Rav's philosophy who has read this blog. His attacks on the Rav are disguisting and a insult to his memory.

zach said...

I was wondering which blog it was after Wolfish Musings mentioned it. (Thanks to Hirhurim I found out.) I can't see myself wasting time reading his moronic blog, but I had to leave one message there telling him that he is a cretin.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Sometimes I wonder if he's really some OTD guy with an axe to grind who's trying to making chareidim look back.


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