Sunday, September 27, 2009

The nusach for shlugging kapparos

If you plan to shlug kapparot today, with either money or chickens, and you don't have a machzor, then this may be of help. Here is the text of "Bnei Adam" followed by "Zeh Chalifasi."

Bnei Adam is to the right, while Ze Chalifati is below. As I noted in the past, despite the instructions in Artscroll, if you are a woman using money rather than chickens, one should say "zeh", because it is not going on the person, but rather on either the chicken (tarnegol vs. tarnegoles) or the money (kesef). And kesef would always be described with zeh, not zos.


Yosef Greenberg said...

It would have helped. Just a tad too late, though.

Gmar tov!

Anonymous said...

thank you. chatima tova!


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