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When the fast of Tisha BeAv (9th of Av) ends, in KGH

If you live elsewhere, you will need to go to the sites yourself and have it calculate it for you.

According to Chabad, it is the middle number here:
This is because they maintain the fast ends at tzeit according to the Baal Hatanya's shitta. Thus, at Kaluach:
Tzeit hakochavim (nightfall) צאת הכוכבים
131/2 min 3.56°8:29pm131/2 (מיל 18 דק')
167/8 min 4.37°8:35pm167/8 (מיל 22 דק')
18.6 min 4.85°8:36pmגר"א
24 min 6.00°8:43pmבעל התניה
26 min 6.30°8:45pmבעל התניה
72 min 16.11°9:50pm16.11°
72 regular9:25pmרבנו תם 72 רגילות
72 prop9:39pmרבנו תם 72 זמניות
72 strict9:39pmרבנו תם 72 לחומרה

Fast Ends / סיום הצום
R' Tukaccinsky
  • The fast of תשעה באב ends with the
    emergence of ג' כוכבים בינונים at -
  • 8:47 PM
    R' Moshe Feinstein
  • One who finds fasting difficult may eat at -
  • 8:51 PM
  • One who does not find fasting difficult
    should wait until the time for מוצאי שבת at -
  • 8:59 PM

    ?מהיכא תיתי

    This last time would accord with what he writes below, as:
    Nightfall - 3 Stars צאת הכוכבים - ג' כוכבים
    36 minutes as degrees [?]
    End of Shabbos and Yom Tov.
    8:58:5936 דקות במעלות
    צאת השבת ויום טוב

    Feel free to add other times you see printed, in the comments.


    Anonymous said...

    I suddenly want to be a Lubavitcher

    thanbo said...

    Does anyone else hold of 6.5 degrees for Motzi Shabbos? I know a fellow who keeps Lubavitch minhagim, who insists that tzeis is 6.5 degrees, not 8.5 degrees. But most sources I see claim 8.5 - discussions on Avodah, etc.

    However, the zmanim calculator on, which you'd expect follows Chabad minhagim, says tzeis is 6.5 degrees, and Motzoei Shabbat is 8.5 degrees.

    joshwaxman said...

    interesting. i can chime in that i don't know, and am not really up on all these calculations...


    Anonymous said...

    chabad morons don't know how to spell tanya

    joshwaxman said...

    i am not so sure Chabad runs kaluach. rather, they just have a nice breakdown according to many shitos.


    Anonymous said...

    My comment is a little late, but for those still looking:

    IMHO, it would appear that Chabad follows a more stringent zman for the end of Shabbos than for Tzeis in general due to the stringency of error with regard to Shabbos, vs Tzeis in general, therefore:

    Tzeis is 6.5
    End of Shabbos is 8.5 (erring on the side of caution because of the stringency of Shabbos).

    This is seemingly a quite commendable approach, showing merit to more than just the accepted source (of 6.5 for tzeis).

    Why not just make tzeis 8.5?

    1. Seemingly the indication is, tzeis is 6.5, yet with Issurei D'oraisa (Torah prohibitions) all care is taken to be sure, so the more stringent position is followed anyway. Why not 72min? I guess they (respectfully) ruled that position out-right.

    2. The beauty of demonstrating both accepting other positions, and special consideration would be lost with no particular gain (as tzeis in general is not treading a fine line of prohibition).

    It is noteworthy to mention that:
    Chabad holds by a fast-day (8.5 is recommended, but) 6.5 is acceptable for two reasons:

    1. Fast-days are Rabbinic enactments and do not infringe on 'Torah' prohibitions.

    2. Due to Tircha Di'tzibura ('congregational' pain), considering the first reason, allowance is given for those whom fasting is hard, to stop fasting at the accepted time of tzeis, if necessary (again, because Tzeis is accepted to be at 6.5, and specifically for Shabbos is the special circumstance of 8.5 imposed).

    Please correct any misrepresentations...

    Thank you.


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