Monday, July 06, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #173

  1. Yeshiva World reports on a tznius-related fatality:
    The weekly Eida Magazine reports the Skvere community in NYS is calling for increased tznius and shmiras shabbos, to light candles a few minutes earlier than required, after the petira of a community member...
  2. An interesting article, on how positive thinking can make things worse.

  3. New at, a Babylonian Aramaic Grammar, and Dikdukei HaTaamim.

  4. At Cross-Currents, "Designated Drivers." How should bloggers act, and should they take rabbinic direction? And Ezzie reacts. As does Reb Akiva.

  5. Avakesh calls to our attention this funny video, Breslov Books vs. Mendy Pellin:

  6. At Life in Israel, a psak as a clever way to get people to stop burning garbage at protests.

  7. Divrei Chaim has a cute explanation of what happened to Bilaam's horse.

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