Friday, July 31, 2009

Seeking a page from Lev Eliyahu

For an forthcoming post on the story about Plato's meeting with Yirmeyahu, I would find it exceptionally useful to have a scan or photocopy of a page in the sefer Lev Eliyahu, by Rabbi Elyah Lopian, ztz"l, on Bereishit, page 263. Or as I have it from a source which refers to it: לב אליהו בראשית עמ ' רסג. On that page, he apparently refers to this story, and may also give his source as Rema in Torat HaOlah, besides other sources.

I would appreciate any help, if you happen to have this sefer.


Tzvi said...

if you don't have it by Tuesday let me know, I'll have access to it then.

Anonymous said...

Ask his son

joshwaxman said...

thanks. i managed to locate a copy over Shabbos, so I'll be able to scan it in.

thanks again,


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