Thursday, July 16, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #179

  1. Honestly Frum has an essay about the integrity of Modern Orthodox Judaism, and how it is being undermined:
    As I have stated on many occasions in the past, Modern Orthodoxy is being threatened from both within and without and we must not remain silent. People are infiltrating our communities and are trying to change how we live our lives and our hadrachos hachaim, there are teachers in our kids schools and camps who feel that instead of trying to be role models and teach our kids it is their job to be “mekarev” the Modern Orthodox. There are speakers that come into our communities and our homes that have nothing but distain for us and tell us as much yet they have no problem taking our money and worse we have no problem giving it to them and honoring them in the process. There are yeshivos in our communities that, instead of trying to be role models in the community and contribute to the community feel that it is their job to point our short comings and “change us”.
    And check out the comment section.

  2. Life In Israel on the chareidi protests / riots for the woman allegedly with Munchhausen syndrome. And Emes veEmunah's take. And also at "Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv". And then today, Emes veEmunah notes a posting at Daas Torah with Rav Sternbuch's thoughts:
    He agrees that the rioting is wrong and he condemned the demonstrators are "mushugoyim". He said that it was in fact the duty of the hospital to report their findings to the authorities and thus they acted appropriately. He criticized the talk about boycotting the hospital in retaliation - as making no sense and and in fact being "very self-damaging." He asserted that the real point of contention is not whether this woman is guilty or innocent - but rather the way the police have dealt with her - chaining her hands and feet. If in fact it is true - as the police have claimed - that this woman is mentally ill, she should not have been placed in a cell together with dirty and dangerous criminals.

    The reason that he hasn't issued a statement for the street or put up wall posters is simply that he knows he has very little influence on the people that are rioting - since they don't accept his authority. There are other people who in fact wield more influence - but they have yet to be convinced that the police have justification for what they have done. He is doing what he can behind the scenes to end the confrontation.
  3. A big debate at Wikipedia over whether to include the inkblots from the Rorschach test, which are now in public domain. Also at Wikipedia, an edit of Rabbi Slifkin's page by kannoim.

  4. The inhale, enhale diet:
    In a study published in Cell Metabolism, chemical and biomolecular engineering professor James Liao, associate professor of human genetics and pediatrics Katrina Dipple, and their research team at UCLA showed that genetic alterations enable mice to convert fat into carbon dioxide and remain lean while eating the equivalent of a fast-food diet.
  5. Hirhurim on Daat Torah and papal infallibility, how they arose at the same time, how they both have different gradations, etc.

  6. Shirat Devorah notes an article in the Jerusalem Post on settlers, shabbos, and self-reflection.

  7. On the Main Line spots a reference to the divorce proceedings of Rav Yaakov Emden's son. I am highly suspicious of the accuracy of the report.

  8. In the Jerusalem Post, an "interesting" theory, which I don't think I buy:

    "There is reason to assume that Muslims together with Jews attached themselves to the rock and Jews had developed around it annual pious rituals," writes Sharon.

    Islamic tradition attributes construction of the Dome to ruler Abd al-Malik, and according to Sharon it symbolized Solomon's Temple, a notion accepted by Jews of the time. The tradition of the Al-Aksa complex as the site of Muhammad's Night Journey developed years later.

    "It was built to symbolize the renewal of the Solomonic Temple, and an early Jewish Midrash known as Nistarot Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai hailed the Muslims as the initiators of Israel's redemption and a Muslim ruler as the builder of the House of the Lord. Abd al-Malik acquired his Divine authority by rebuilding a mighty symbol for his temple, and was the new Solomon," writes Sharon.

    You can read it in Hebrew here, in Jellenik's collection of midrashim, and in English translation here.

  9. Here at parshablog, I have been considering whether the Ran is an apikores by his own standard, since he argues on midrashim. Here are post one and post two of the series.

    The purpose of this website is to maintain a database for those people that want to fulfill the mitzvah of welcoming guests and for those people that are looking for hospitality based on community.

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