Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tisha B'Av Kinnos, and when the fast begins, in Kew Gardens Hills

If you live elsewhere, you will need to go to the sites yourself and have it calculate it for you.

According to Chabad:
and this accords, more or less, to what we have at
Shkiat hachama (sunset)8:14pmשקיעת החמה

Meanwhile, at
Sunsetשקיעת החמה
At sea level [Set Elevation]8:13:41בגובה פני הים

How about Tisha BeAv Kinnot (/ Kinos / Kinot / Kinnot)? Well, at, we have the following:

קינות ויניציאהשעו
קינותלא נודעוילהרמשדורףתעט
קינותליפשיץ, חייםלובליןשעז
קינות בשם: קול בוכיםלאווענשטיין, ל. ה.פפד"מתקצט


Unknown said...

R' Arielli's shul said 8:08.

joshwaxman said...

interesting. i'm not sure what the explanation is for this.

while candle-lighting time is getting earlier, my chart for NYC has 7:55 for this coming friday, 7/31. adding 18 minutes gives us 8:13 PM. Perhaps he (or the sheet) is making certain that it is not down to the wire by giving a 5 minute buffer?

Unknown said...

It was 8:08 stop eating, 8:14 all aspects of Tisha B'Av kick in. That is similar to what I grew up with in Cleveland (YI), where there were a few minutes between stopping eating (aka brushing teeth) and putting on shoes for 9Av.

joshwaxman said...

interesting. i'll have to recheck what my minhag is.

in shulchan aruch, orach chaim 553:2 the mechaber says only that you stop while it is yet day, but that the bein hashmashot (from sunset until tzais) is forbidden; and rema agrees but adds that the other things one does not do also begin at shkia (such that it is forbidden at bein hashmashot), against the ramban who says one should stop earlier.

certainly there is an idea of tesefet of yom hakippurim, but aruch hashulchan says there is no need for this here.

there is another idea that if one accepted early, this need not encompass neilas hasandal, since it is only a partial acceptance one intended, since one is still wearing his shoes.

maybe it developed from brushing teeth. if so (and this is all premised on this speculation), brushing of teeth is a fairly recent innovation...

but i am forgetful, and should indeed check what i did in my father's house.

thanks again, for this does clarify matters.


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