Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #183

  1. At Science Daily, how evolution can allow for large developmental leaps:
    According to a team led by scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), in close collaboration with Patrick Piggot and colleagues from the Temple University School of Medicine, such changes may at least sometimes be the result of random fluctuations, or noise (nongenetic variations), working alongside a phenomenon known as partial penetrance. Their findings were recently published online in the journal Nature.
  2. At Mystical Paths, a story about a soldier who refused to bow to idols.

  3. At HebrewBooks, an interesting Hebrew book -- Refuat HaAm.

  4. Menachem Mendel posts about Rashi's assertion that there is a missing yud, and it repercussions in terms of halacha. As he notes in his post (thanks!), I posted about this topic yesterday, though taking a different tack.

  5. Yeranen Yaakov on the significance of the number 5770 in terms of mashiach coming.

  6. Whoopi Goldberg doubts the moon landing.


Michael said...

Scientists are very far from proving evolution. Non-genetic variations certainly do not explain the genetic differences between species,so they are just holding on to straw.
That is not to say that I accept the literal approach to creation. There is too much evidence for an ancient earth, dinosaurs e.t.c. But these "evolutionary" jumps cannot be explained by contemporary science. Especially, abiogenesis, i.e. the creation of life from non-life. The probability is nil.
Something special, "spiritual" beyond randomality has caused this.

zach said...

Mystical Paths is a moronic blog, most recently calling Obama "Gog of the land of Magog 'The Prince'". I am suspect of any "inspirational" stories there and have not found any other articles on the internet that substantiates the one about the police officer who was fired for walking into a monastery backwards (not that it couldn't have happened...)


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