Friday, July 31, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #189

  1. As Vos Iz Neais, the elephant in the room -- English literacy and education. I believe that some of the comments there, such #14, are obviously jokes.

  2. Life in Israel on Why do they hate us? About how many secular Israelis do not wish to live near chareidim.

  3. In the Five Towns Jewish Times from last week, Emunah Therapy. Very troubling, and perhaps I will elaborate on just why in a separate post.

  4. Unorthodox Jew on trouble in the Catskills. How should a bungalo colony react to the presence of a child-molester?

  5. Another Shabbos protest this week. This time, the Eida is not allowing bachurim to participate, in an effort to avoid violence. Hopefully this will work.

  6. At DovBear, a post questioning a story of Plato meeting Jeremiah on the basis of chronology. And at parshablog, how the chronology can work out, though the story is likely a Christian legend, and reviewing some of the Jewish sources. See also this post on Revach.

  7. It has been a while, but I've resumed some sporadic posting on my Rif blog.

  8. Discovery of a new species of bird. It's bald.

  9. Rationalist Judaism continues the discussion on Rashi and the corporeality of God.

  10. A Mother In Israel on the latest pamphlet from Kupat HaIr. Speed all you want, just donate to kupat haIr!

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