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I tried to stop but the Voices in My head keep telling me that's a good Vort Type it up and share, SO HERE IS MY VORT FOR PURIM
איש יהודי היה בשושן הבירה ושמו מרדכי בן יאיר בן-שמעי בן-קיש-איש ימיני
אמר ר' יהושע בן לוי אביו מבנימין ואמו מיהודה
Why here is the only time in Navi where a person lineage from his mother's and father's side is mentioned?
It was the Joint forces of Esther and Mordechai that allowed for the Jews to win this battle against Amalek. Why was Esther such an essential Figure? For this we must understand that the battle is fought on a spiritual Battle ground as much as it is on the physical one. We can now rephrase the question to ask: What was Esther's Spiritual upper hand versus the power of Amalek? The answer is profound. The power of Amalek comes from Eisav. Eisav had one spiritual power above his brother Yackov it was his almost perfect respect for his Mother and Father. Esther was raised without a Mother or Father. This means Esther could match wits with Amalek. That is even though Eisav's respect of parents was of a higher level than his Brother Yaakov's. Esther had him beat, as she was flawless in this regard. This we know as someone who wants to do A Mitzvah but is unable to fulfill it Hashem sees it as if that person has fulfilled the Mitzvah flawlessly as we have an example of this when Rosh Hashanah falls out on Shabbos.
In step two we come back to the second Ingredient Mordechai. The original question has yet to be addressed why the double lineage? We now return to Eisav once more his strong point was his honoring parents except in one situation. The perfect son sends his own son Elifaz to kill his Uncle Yackov. Where was his concern for his parents suffering here? Have we found the fatal flaw in the Amalek attack? It seems not, as our history strikes a blow against us .We know Yosef was sold, and thereafter his father was told Yosef was killed so it seems we are worse off once more. Now we finally get to the answer. At the selling of Yosef, Where all the brothers involved? No we have one family that is perfect for this situation the family of Binyamin. The perfect Pawn in our game of spiritual Chess, he was not involved as he was not born and can not be held responsible. But wait first it seems Mordechai only needs a lineage to Binyamin so why was the Yehuda lineage important too? It seems we hit another snag in history with our treatment of a certain Princess Timna who Amalek is a decedent of. Timna so much so wanted to be connected to Avraham's family when she was rejected by the forefathers she went and became a concubine to Elifaz and said "better to be a maidservant amongst the children of Avraham (as Elifaz was his Grandchild) than a Princess among the other nations" .Here we go again it seems we have a problem in our treatment of People trying to join Klal Yisroel. Next move, you guessed it pull the Yehuda linage. But how will that help you ask? This is how: because you see Shevet Yehuda is the Model of behavior for accepting of Geirim as we see first Yehuda married a Canaanite Ger named Shua (שוע) and then Tamar. Than later his children married Boaz and Rus. We have come full circle and now we can understand it all.
First why we needed the Esther and Mordechai tag team to win the battle and second why the double linage? First Esther for her perfect respect of Parents, and Mordechai for his non involvement in the selling of Yosef fiasco. Then the other side of the family for their acceptance of Geirim. This is how we won the Spiritual battle against Amalek and now we have a Winner. And as is our time Honored tradition in Judaism at every Yom Tov "They try to Beat us WE WIN-LETS EAT AND DRINK TO INEBRIATION

דברי מהרי''א

Anonymous said...

Just another addition Why is it that Parshas פרה is read after Purim? We Have established that Esther came to counter Haman because of Kibbud Av now we know the Story of דמה בן נתינה {Damah Ben Nisinah}(who would not wake his father to sell the חכמים the Stone for the Ephod)And the Next year had a Parah Adumah born to him meaning now we have Kibud Av equals Parah Adumah so now we undestand once more the Power of Esthers perfect Kibbud Av again allows us to counter the Kibbud Av of דמה בן נתינה too which was why we lain Parah after Purim.
עטרת ישועה,דזיקב


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