Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prepare for Pesach by reading through all of Rif on Pesachim

I've been translating the Rif for a while now, and a commonly requested feature is to have all the Rifs in a masechta in one file, such as a PDF, to allow quick reading, instead of the clumsy and reverse navigation of a blog format.

So in honor of Pesach, I decided to make my translation of Rif on Pesachim available as a PDF. It is somewhat large -- about 10 meg, and 136 pages, but it is (IMHO) quite nice. It includes the actual tzuras hadaf of the Rif as well, so you can follow along and refer to the translation where necessary. Check it out, forward it to your friends, and enjoy!

Follow this link to download it, or else use the menus and popup to preview it full-screen, or download:


thanbo said...

I've been wondering if/when you might plan to publish your translation of the Rif. Mosad haRav Kook put out a 2-volume pure Rif many years ago, and with the rise in Daf Yomi, there might be a market for it.

One thing, though, whether in Rif Yomi or parshablog - when I cut and paste the tables into Word, they seem to be formatted for a fixed width. I then have to go through and manually change them to a percentage width (or turn off the preferred width entirely, more likely). In fact, it seems to be your posting software that gives them a fixed width:

<table style="width: 676px; height: 92px;"...>

Is there some way to create the table with a percentage-width rather than a fixed-width?

When it comes time to turn the blog into books, you'll see what a pain it is.

joshwaxman said...

good point. it is actually my blogging software combined with my resizing the tables with the mouse pointer so that part of the text is not obscured by the sidebar. In the present PDF, I copied those as images, which was only somewhat painful.

Copying psukim to word is problematic in other ways, namely that the Hebrew words will often be placed in a different order.

I have a couple of ideas in mind, but we'll have to see how it plays out...


thanbo said...

The fixed-size tables are also awkward in reading online, as they often (for me at least, on a 1024x768 screen) stick out invisibly beyond the right margin of the page. Now, I'm sure most of your readers have little problem with the Hebrew, still, it looks weird to cut off in the middle of a letter.

I've had that problem with pasting into Word, but if you make the paragraph RTL, that usually fixes it.

But yes, doing the shul's dinner journal a few times in MS Publisher, cutting & pasting first into Word for basic formatting, then into Publisher, I sometimes had to give up and put the Hebrew in as an image.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I very much enjoy this Rif translation to read over the Pesach holiday. It seems to be down, can you re-upload it?

Thank you.


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