Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #130

  1. As described in the previous post, you can download and print out the entire Rif on Pesachim, in order to study it before Pesach. It is now in a convenient single PDF.

  2. Hirhurim reviews three Haggadot which are based on the teachings of Rav Soloveitchik.

  3. DovBear on whether the Ramban's commentary on the theme of Moshe offering to die for Klal Yisrael is for the sake of countering Christian ideas. More than plausible. There are many articles on medieval parshanut and how it is a response/reaction to Christian ideas. (e.g. various approaches to Shir HaShirim.)

    That said, there are old Jewish sources about the righteous being taken as atonement for the sins of the generation, where we nowadays do not have korbanot or the Beis Hamikdash.

  4. A nice Wondermark comic.

  5. To encourage recitation of berachot, is it OK to cast them as segulos? Maybe it depends on the audience. From the Five Towns Jewish Times:
    To put theory into practice, students also participated in the annual “Brachos Out Loud” communitywide event, facilitated by Mr. Menachem Fientuch and friends. To culminate the event, Mr. Fientuch sponsored a brachot party for the entire school. Students made brachot and responded amen to those made by their classmates. Students learned that each brachah has a special segulah, and that brachot must be made in a specific order.
  6. On the Main Line about parallel to Avraham ben Avraham, a Croatian convert in Vilna, from about the same time. {thanks, clarified}

  7. Is Hip Hop dancing kosher at chareidi weddings? See Vos Iz Neias. This naturally leads to a discussion about foreign influences on Jewish culture.

  8. A video, at Life In Israel, about the background of the three chareidi boys trapped in Japan for inadvertent drug smuggling.

  9. An article at Hirhirum about blood spots in eggs nowadays. The gemara does take note of the fact that hens can stimulate egg-laying by themselves by rubbing against the ground, but this was presumably not as common.

  10. Oh no! Not another traif meat scandal! My concern is not excessively for the accidental violations. Hashem surely knows, and will not be too hard on them. Rather, it is that this will give people even more of an excuse to impose requirements well above those required by halacha. A chazakah is of course a chazakah, not an absolute. Read some of the early comments for what I mean.

    Meanwhile, it turns out to have been a very time limited, accidental mistake. As the post has been updated to indicate.

  11. Vesom Sechel on whether women can issue halachic rulings.

  12. Haven't read it to know if it is any good, but received the following promotion by email:

    The latest novel by bestselling author Meir Uri Gottesman.

    Ayelet emerged from the shadows of the wing and stepped out almost shyly towards the middle of the stage... A brilliant white beam of light shone down upon her like from a heavenly star...

    This powerful, gripping story seamlessly transitions from the rolling hills of Roman-dominated Judea circa 10 CE to the interstate highways of contemporary rural Pennsylvania , revealing deep dreams, ancient secrets, and fiery hopes spanning centuries.

    From the bestselling author of Deep Blue and The Harp this novel of the year is as breathtaking as…the morning star. Click here for your read The Morning Star for free:


Mississippi Fred MacDowell said...

>On the Main Line about a Croatian parallel to Avraham ben Avraham, from about the same time.

Just so we're clear, the proselyte was Croatian, but his persecution and execution was in Vilna.

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