Monday, March 02, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #125

  1. Someone sent me an interesting link to a Masechet HaChamah. I previously saw it linked at Menachem Mendel. An interesting collection of sources relating to the sun. But I think that all this production is making too much out of it, or too much of a ritual out of it. There is a bracha to say at this time on the sun, and the meaning is one of marking our appreciation of Hashem and the glory of His creation. We need not tack on new rituals, or make up masechtas to learn about the subject of the sun, as I discuss at greater length in a comment at Yeranen Yaakov.

  2. Jewish leaders blast Hillary over Israel criticism.

  3. And they try to ban Lipa, yet again. This time not turning to the Gedolim, who won't be fooled this time, but to a bunch of school principals. See Blog in Dm for coverage and links.

  4. On the Main Line has the Chofetz Chaim's ban of a condensed chumash. And another post on how Rav Chayim Palagi meets a British missionary.

  5. At A Simple Jew, a presentation on the Lubavitch practice of eschewing non-kosher animal toys (part i and ii), as a guest posting by Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver.

  6. Lion of Zion on Women Scribes in Jewish History.

  7. Via LGF: Culture of Conspiracy -- the Birthers. At Politico. And Lou Dobbs and Christopher Hitchens and others on UN anti-blasphemy resolution:

  8. Joy of Tech on the complaints about the text-to-speech function on the new Kindle and copyright issues.

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