Thursday, March 05, 2009

R' Zecharia ben Saruk's Megillat Achashverosh

The other day, I saw on a perush on Megillat Esther, which the author calls Perush al Megillat Achashverosh. The author is R' Zechariah ben Saruk, and in his perush, he brings in philosopy repeatedly. To the right is an excerpt from Esther in Medieval Garb, by Barry Waldfish, available on Google Books here, where he discusses the nature of ben Saruk's commentary, and gives examples.

The actual sefer at HebrewBooks is available here. Why not give it a glance or two?

This post in honor of Purim, which is coming up.

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thanbo said...

Thanks for this. I handed a copy off to my LOR, R' Moshe Sokol, who's always interested in links between Aristotle and Rishonim - he taught us hilchot Deiot with an eye towards the Nicomachean Ethics.

BTW, I posted a long piece on short talmuds, which might interest you.


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