Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #116

  1. Kankan Chadash continues to post the discussion of whether to teach that some people maintain that God gets nachas from our doing mitzvot, or that God does not.

  2. And Blog in Dm continues his series critiquing The Torah Is Not Hefker. And then a post summing up.

  3. An article in the New York Times about how the music at Obama's inauguration, for most, was prerecorded, even as they saw the musicians play.

  4. A Mother In Israel provides an English account of a YNet story -- screaming babies ignored in Israeli maternity wards. And see the comment section.

  5. Me-ander says it is not the season for goat milk.

  6. Life in Israel gives over a new reason Rachel Imeinu could not come, from a rabbi in Israel. Would she come personally to help secular Israelis?? Maybe to the Rambam, but not to them. If anything, it was at the most a sheid. Of course, context can be lost in short quotes, so in a separate post he also provides the text of the full sicha. I have what to comment on this, but I will hold it back at least until I read the full text.

  7. Some of my thoughts, and some more of my thoughts, about saying parshat HaMan on the Tuesday of parshat Beshalach.

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