Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #119

  1. Emes ve-Emunah has two posts on gedolim. One, about handlers manipulating gedolim by presenting the question in a specific way; another, a guest post on "why gedolim fail" -- how people are overloading the gedolim. Though the latter has been around for a while -- Wolfish Musings posted it a year ago.

  2. One Frum Skeptic on how Bounty is not kosher, for straining food through. Not just on Pesach, for kitniyot concerns. Is there any basis for this, or is this a chumra that took off and stretched?

  3. Snopes on the Freedom of Choice Act.

  4. Noyam posts about the introduction of a sex-segregated policy in a Jerusalem store.

  5. At Thanbook, a post on Jewish influences on Beethoven.

  6. Purportedly a Honda commercial: Less fuel, less money for terrorists. My guess is someone made this and then appended the Honda logo at the end.

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