Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #117

  1. David Berger has a brief response to Marc Shapiro on the subject of Chabad messianism. I have my own thoughts on this divergence of opinion, but will perhaps share in a later post.

  2. Vos iz Neias on the repentance of the Achmedinijad-hugger.

  3. Life in Israel discusses Superbus imposing separate hours only, for men and women, to purchase bus cards, and the troubling broader implications. Also, calls for a letter campaign or boycott.

  4. Israpundit: From an Orthodox IDF soldier: How I survived Gaza

  5. Balashon is back! With an entry on marmita, the groundhog. And an interesting suggestion, that the hapax legomenon in midrash, of תרדמת מרמיטה, refers to the Latin marmita, and refers to hibernation.

  6. Rechovot with some discussion of some of the halachot of birchat hachama, coming up soon, on erev Pesach.


Rabbi Joshua Maroof said...

I look forward to hearing your take on the Chabad Messianism debate.

The Rebbetzin's Husband said...

Thank you for the link.


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