Monday, August 18, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #64

  1. Life in Israel posts about Zionist parks and breaches in tznius.

  2. Times Online has an article about how the birth control pill may change who women are attracted to, by changing what smell they are attracted to.

  3. KallahMagazine posts about making shidduchim based on astrology and graphology. Though Rambam was against it, many of his contemporaries regarded it as a science, and astrology has worked its way well into Jewish mysticism and in some cases, halacha. In terms of graphology, though there is indeed what to argue about it, and it is controversial, it is not judging based on messiness of handwriting, or legibility, but rather determining specific personality traits based on lean (left, right, straight-up-and-down), loops, developed upper zones, etc., where specific traits might match specific other traits. See here.

  4. The Seforim blog on standing during the Aseres HaDibros, and whether people consider the teshuva of the Rambam.

  5. Daat Torah has an interesting translation from Rambam's letter to Yemen, about messianic predictions which failed to materialize.

  6. Color war breakout at MaNaVu, based on Lipa and the Big Event.

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