Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Interesting Posts and Articles #62

  1. Paris Hilton responds to McCain's ad. I would embed but some may be troubled by her wearing swimwear.

  2. At Orthodox Freelancers Guild, a repost of the FrumTeens moderator about Rabbi Falk's sefer, Oz VeHadar Levushah. An excerpt:
    On p. 262 he brings a disagreement in the poskim whether there is a rabbinic prohibition for girls to have long, unbraided hair. He concludes that it is therfore "highly recommended" that they dont.
    He failed to point out that the poskim state that the accepted minhag in our ocmmunities is to be lenient. In a quesiton of a rabbinic prohibition with a clear community custom to be lenient, it is absolutely untrue that it becomes "highly recommended" to change your community standard. Yet Rabbi Falks "highly recommended" is given without any such qualification.
    There are many such examples throughout the book.
  3. Emes VeEmunah with a guest post about "The Other Victims." As he introduces the post:
    That said we cannot afford to lose sight of the damage that can be caused by false accusations of abuse. In our zealousness to protect our children - innocent people can and will be accused. The rush to judgment can ruin lives. Once an accusation is made public, it remains a stigma no matter how innocent an individual is.
  4. And related, LifeInIsrael about some investigation in Ramat Beit Shemesh.

  5. See today's Rif Yomi, here and here.

  6. Zoroastrian - Talmudic parallels in the laws of cut nails, and menstruation laws, over at Ishim veShitot.

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