Friday, August 19, 2011

YU Torah on parashat Ekev

This was from last year's email. For some reason, it did not come this week. But if you check out the YUTorah website, you will see a rather nice listing of new and old shiurim.

Rabbi Dovid HorwitzThe Levites and All Others who Wish to Become Close to God (Text)
Rabbi Yaacov ThalerWhat is Love Of Hashem? (Audio)
Rabbi Michael TaubesThe Second Beracha of Birchas Hamazon (Audio)
Rabbi Aryeh LebowitzThe Importance of a Nuanced View (Audio)
Rabbi Hanan SchlesingerIdols in the Bird's Nest (Text)
Rabbi Dovid GottliebIkkar and Tafel in Berachos (Audio)
Rabbi Gidon RothsteinHaftarat Ekev (Text)
Rabbi Shraga GoldenhershBirkas M'ein Hameorah in Birkas Hamazon (Audio)
Rabbi Ally EhrmanDveykus Bashem In Its Various Forms (Audio)
Rabbi Ozer GlickmanSpiritual Calculus & Utilitarian Morality (Text)
Rabbi Avraham GordimerIt's All in the Details (Text)
Rabbi Solomon DrillmanWhy Fear the Wild Animals? (Text)

Rabbi Jeremy WiederLaining for Parshat Eikev
See all shiurim on YUTorah for Parshat Eikev

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