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Is Rabbi Asher Dahan a gilgul of Pinchas?

{Note: This was written to make a point, and is tongue-in-cheek. No, I don't really think Dahan is a gilgul of Pinchas.}

According to recent news, R' Asher Dahan, who murdered R' Eleazar Abuchatzera, has no regrets, and believes that he is the gilgul of Pinchas. Some have scoffed at this, but in fact, it makes perfect sense.

After all, we know from the autistics that the gemara about children and lunatics having ruach hakodesh is to be regularly applied. Someone who stabs another person in the heart and claims he is a gilgul of Pinchas is surely a lunatic. Therefore, he must have ruach hakodesh. And just as we believe the autistics about their being gilgulim, so should we believe Asher Dahan.

It goes further than that. When Pinchas killed Zimri, he stopped the magefa, a terrible judgement and punishment upon all of klal Yisrael. And indeed, the brother of the murder victim, Baba Baruch, confirms that this is so:
“Harsh punishments were decreed on the people of Israel, and he wanted to nullify them,” said the slain rabbi's brother, Rabbi Baruch Abuhatzeira, also known as the Baba Baruch, speaking at Rabbi Abuhatzeira's funeral.

He added, “As he nullified many harsh decrees for us...We ask you, Rabbi Elazar: go before the Throne of Glory and pray there for the people of Israel. Pray for the entire family. Pray for your sons, your daughters, your grandchildren and wife,” Rabbi Baruch continued. He said, “There is much to say, but the mind is confused.”

Rabbi Shlomo Amar, the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel, made similar comments to Arutz Sheva on Friday.

“Who knows what kind of decree G-d's people was under? And [Rabbi Abuhatzeira] was strong for us, and he bore the atonement for our generation,” Rabbi Amar said.
More than that. Over at Yeranen Yaakov, he brings various gematrios from comments at Kikar Shabbat finding evidence to this murder in the Torah. And also at Yeranen Yaakov, Rav Amnon Yitzchak brings a nice gematria -- indeed, those posts inspired this post:
Rav Amnon Yitzhak said that perhaps it was due to non-kosher songs and singers.  He said that the siman in Shulhan Aruch that has to do with the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash and not listening to music is Siman 560, which is also the gematria of the murderer (without the א in his last name).  He added that the death of Tzaddik atones if we act in the ways of the Tzaddik, and since Baba Elazar was careful with guarding his eyes, we too should be more careful in these matters.
The transcript, available at Life In Israel, shows more certainty and intemperate language than that.

With this great insight, that gematria can help us discover new facts, we can certainly prove that Asher Dahan was a gilgul of Pinchas. Who did Pinchas kill? Zimri ben Salu. Who did Asher Dahan kill? Baba Elazar.

Looking to gematria, we discover the following amazing fact:
רבי אלעזר אבוחצירה = 842
זהו גילגולו של זמרי בן סלוא = 842

אשר דהאן = 561
פנחס בן אלעזר = 558 + counting the three words in 'Pinchas ben Eleazar' = 561

More than that, Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak blamed our songs for the murder. And this is certainly connected with the gilgul of the deceased, Zimri, meaning 'my song'. And Zimri was the son of Salu, while Baba Elazar was the grandson of Baba Sali.

This does not mean that Dahan acted appropriately. According to the Ishbitzer:
[Pinchas] judged Zimri as no'ef b'alma (sexually corrupt.) However, the depth of the foundation of the matter was hidden from him, for Cosbi was his [Zimri's] soulmate from the six days of creation, as explained in the writings of the Rabbi Isaac Luria, z"l. Owing to this Moshe Rabeynu didn't become involved and sentence Zimri to death. Pinchas' response in this action is thus compared to a child, meaning that he didn't know the depth of the situation, seeing only through human eyes and no further. Nevertheless, the blessed God loved him and agreed with him, for in Pinchas's mind he had done a great and self-sacrificing act in his zealotry.


yaak said...


1) It's not so clear Dahan is a lunatic. After all, he taught Gemara for years.

2) The word Gilgul has no י

3) And most importantly, the difference between your gematria and that of Rav Yitzhak is that he has a real source to back him up - not a Rasha Merusha.

BTW, Baba Baruch is the uncle - not brother - of the murder victim

All that said, I like your creativity. On the other hand, I don't particularly like your ליצנות against Rabbanim.

joshwaxman said...

do a google search with the yud, and you get 348,000 hits. so it is a valid spelling.

the way i did this was came up with all combinations of words associated with this, and arranged them in order. then played with adding zehs, changing hehs to alephs, malei vs. chaser, to generate the intermediate values.

it is very easy to generate any correlation. certainly if i were more skilled, i could do a better job at coming up with this silliness.

i'll correct to 'uncle' when I get a chance.

i am also not sure it is leitzanus against rabbonim. which rabbanim? as the facts come out, it is looking more and more that Baba Elazar was a con-artist.

joshwaxman said...

"and that of Rav Yitzhak is that he has a real source to back him up"

what is Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak's real source?

Devorah said...

He's a gilgul of Kayin according to the Torah Codes:

yaak said...

The source of the Shulhan Aruch. I don't agree with Rav Yitzhak's methods in his anti-music crusade, but he definitely has sources for it.

Bar Minan to say what you said about Baba Elazar. "more and more" - have you been reading Failedmessiah or the comments on VIN?

To me, it's less and less.

When you get a chance, read this:רבי-אלעזר-אמר-לי-מה-רוצים-ממ.html


May He and he forgive you too.

Devorah said...

Maybe not a gilgul of Kayin, just a connection. Watch the video and come to your own conclusions.

joshwaxman said...

"The source of the Shulhan Aruch."

the application of that source to modern day situations is debatable, but that is besides the point.

let us grant that there is basis for his crusade. that was not what was under discussion. what was under discussion was whether Schwecky and Lipa are responsible for Baba Elazar's death. what source does he have for this connection?

similarly, Pinchas and zealotry are an inyan in Judaism, in their particular place. but it was R' Asher Dahan who made the connection between his own actions and Pinchas. what source does he have for this connection?

in both cases, there is no source.

"have you been reading Failedmessiah or the comments on VIN?"

No, news articles about a police investigation and the description of a lawsuit, in which he comes off as quite the con-man. See this article, for a sample.

Ellowich first heard about Abuhatzeira in 2004 through a friend, Chezkel Roth. "I didn't know a thing about him except that his grandfather was the Baba Sali," Ellowich said.

The rabbi told Ellowich that to receive the desired blessing, he would have to bring him $100,000 within five days. "You have to believe in me," Ellowich quoted the rabbi as saying. "I'm a great righteous person and I promise you your daughter will have children and grandchildren. Her luck will change. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don't tell anyone, just bring the money."

tell me that this does not sound like a con-man to you.

I'll try to read those. But con-men know how to play the injured party, forgiving those who have "wronged" them.

Anonymous said...

Con artist? Source please. I have been preoccupied and have not followed very many news sources.


joshwaxman said...

Here is one source:

He was under investigation in the US for defrauding dozens of people, and didn't travel to the US for the duration. I've seen the tricks described in the article employed by other fake kabbalists who have come to Queens.

kol tuv,

Anonymous said...

Ah, noted your source.


joshwaxman said...

haaretz is haaretz, but they refer to real US police investigations and lawsuits.

mordechai said...

Dear Reb Josh

I am very surprised on the tone of your comments knowing that you usually approach things with a critical Torah analysis.

Please do not judge a Rav and Tzaddik from some lawsuit from a party who has self interest

take into consideration that you are speaking about the son,grandson and descendant of some of the greatest Tzaddikim.

Take into consideration the thousands of testimonies by Jews from every sector of this man's greatness

take into consideration what the greatest Rabbi's of our generation have to say about his awesome holiness knowing him first hand.

May Rabbi Elazar's z'tvkal merit shine upon all Am Yisrael and bring Mashiach speedily.

with love and respect

Anonymous said...

mr.waxman tonight is the hillula of the ari hakodesh whom which we all follow whos kaballah was taken strictly from the zohar hakodesh but of course you don't believe the zohar is real but a fake even though every great Rabbi in the world KNOWS its real i can list their names but this page wouldnt be enough, and on this great day you have the nerve to slander a tzaddik and you use sources which at best are pure loshon hara and should not be believed sometimes i think is this man nuts and then you use misleading titles to lure people into your blog may Hashem help you AMEN KEN YEHI RATZON

joshwaxman said...

i usually delete anonymous insulting comments (e.g. "Mr." Waxman). but i will let it pass this time. the authenticity of the Zohar has nothing to do with this.

there are real kabbalists, and there are con-artists. it is a shame that people think they are being frum and holy but end up defending the con-artists, and allowing people to be victimized. this is you.

i'll try to respond at length some other day. i have a very good rejoinder to each of your points.

kol tuv,

Anonymous said...

"sincere apologies" to "rabbai Waxman" the con artist as i said is you with your misleading titles and tricking people into believing this tzaddik is a con artist this has everything to do with the zohar bec. this is the context in which we are talking E.G. gematriot and gilgulim and dont forget about believing loshon hara and its a shame on a great day like this that you are calling the grandson of r'yisroel abuchatzira a con-artist and above all else a gilgul of zimri ben salu

Anonymous said...

and you my friend,must be a gilgul of Bilam's donkey

Anonymous said...

Reading the letter in Haaretz made me sick. I don't know what to believe. Maybe - G-d forbid if the article and testimonies in it are true then maybe the Torah codes in Rabbi Glazerson's video can be interpreted in another way. Who exactly is the term 'evil forces' directed to? One or BOTH of them? That this kind of fraud could exist - blessings for money, it's theft and even worse. It's criminal. We all know Hashem hates this behavior...

Anonymous said...


To clarify, I was not, in this case, criticizing Haartez as a source. I just hadn't noted that you had linked to a source the first time I read your comment.


Anonymous said...

regarding bilams donkey if you want to be childish thats fine but better a donkey that speaks than a snake that speaks

Devorah said...

Not knowing who he was, when I googled him I also wondered by Baba Elazar's name was all over the internet in a derogatory way. But then again, the Lubavitcher Rebbe's name is also all over the internet, with lies and innuendo and misunderstandings of his intentions.

Nothing is really as it seems in this world - and maybe all the crap on the internet is there for a reason, a test of faith perhaps and dan lchaf z'chus.

People I respect have said he was a tzaddik, so I'll go with their opinion. Maybe you should delete that part with the Ha'aretz link.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the truth is. But if in the future we are faced with a truth we don't like about a tzaddik, can we merely continue to say "I refuse to believe" because some reputable leaders said something nice? Isn't that what is being said by those who hide abuse? Aren't we forgetting our own history? How many righteous individuals, really righteous kings of Israel and tzaddikim had sons who fell hard off the dereck? Who turned out to be rasha? Look at Eli's sons! Just because someone had a tzaddik for a father or grandfather doesn't necessarily mean the progeny will follow suit. Then it puts the question to the Torah codes -- are they real or can we make them fit our reality? What would we find if we changed the search words? to fraud ---maybe that is what the word for prostitution is alluding to. There is a message here. All that being said, I hope Haaretz is wrong...

Anonymous said...

To make the question stronger (Josh, maybe you might be able to address this in a future post), what is the difference between Pesel Michah in Shofetim, and all the Tzaddikim and Rebbis of today? Both were/are used as an intermediary to G-d. There was rationale for Pesel Michah (which made sense to them), and rationale for going to Tzaddikim. Both require gifts of some type. Maybe it's b/c I'm a good misnaged, but I was always taught that our relationship with G-d is that there IS NO intermediary, we can approach G-d by ourselves. And I think our rich heritage supports that too. What is davening is not approaching G-d in some way, Avinu Malkeinu? While one can always use help from an outside source, going to Tzaddikim has become an end in and of itself. I think that my favorite Chassidic story that illustrate this best is thus: A woman came to a Rebbe to ask him to pray for her sick son who was dying. He asked her why can't she. She gave the usual answer, he's closer to G-d, etc. He refused. She pressed and pressured him and still he refused. She kept pleading and offering him money. Finally he said o.k. and said for a huge some of money he'll pray for the son. The woman was shocked at the sum of money, and withdrew her offer. She turned to go out and said, I guess I'll have to pray to G-d by myself. At that he smiled and said, Now that you are going to pray on behalf of your son, I will help and pray for him too.

Navi said...

This post should have read...

"Is Rabbi Asher Dahan a gilgul of Pinchas?"

"Answer: No! But R' Yonasan Eibeshutz's Rocket Ship is now being you used by the crazy Tractor Driver!"

Anonymous said...

I think that to speak Lashon Hara even of a Rotzeach is assur.

Especially in the days within the Last Days.

joshwaxman said...

this has everything to do with the zohar bec. this is the context in which we are talking
It really doesn't. Rav Yaakov Emden was a prominent kabbalist, and he wrote a sefer arguing the Zohar was a forgery. The Chasam Sofer seriously studied the Ramak's kabbalah, and he agreed. The authorship of one work, which was just the encoding of kabbalistic thought at the time, and which contemporaries may well have KNOWN was pseudopigraphic only in style, does not make or break kabbalah.

"and above all else a gilgul of zimri ben salu"

hah! didn't you read the note at top, that the post was all tongue in cheek? when I wrote this post, I had not yet read of the lawsuit and police investigation. please don't conflate the silly things in this post with the more serious discussion in the comment section.

I am 'tricking people' into believing Baba Elazar was a con-artist? In the comment section of a post, I said what I think is likely true, and linked to evidence. People can weigh that evidence. That is not 'tricking'.

People I respect have said he was a tzaddik, so I'll go with their opinion. Maybe you should delete that part with the Ha'aretz link.
On the other hand, people you and I respect said that Rabbi Elior Chen was a tzadik...

Anonymous said...

according to arizl amalak and edom are mainly influenced by the red planet mars war/chachmah . Edom / amalak are connected to soul of cain , jews soul of abel . King david is gilgul of adam first man . Kain has also positive aspects many great tzaddikim like elishah elijah yechezkial shmuel rabbi akiva are offshoots of his soul . Yes pinchas too . The gra in kol hator says mashiach ben yosef is an offshoot of the soul of pinchas ! I believe the guy is NOT nitzotzot pinchas but nitzozot kain possibly amalak . How can a jew be amalak ? the zohar in parsha bereshite explains before the geulah the heel will become its head the erev rav will rule israel . The first letter of erev rav is an ayin which the zohar says stands for amalak !

Anonymous said...

couple of things
1. How can all the gedolei yisroel be so stupid as to mourn a con-artist especially rav ovadia who cried for him and rav chaim the son of the steipler
2. How can you even call this man a rabbai who killed a tzaddik
3. as for rav emden who said the zohar was a forgery. Rav chaim vital the foremost student of the ari writes in shaar hagiligulim the reason why i didnt reach the level of my rebi is because when the ari didnt understand something in the Zohar he cried and cried till he understood I also cried but not like him. and second every single word of the etz chaiim every letter every single vowel comes from the zohar for example Shaar alef anaf heh: he brings down a mammar from the zohar from parashat vyetze and explains in length and the whole shaar heh he brings numerous proofs from the tikunei zohar. what im trying to say is Zohar is 100% real and does make or break kabbalh because if the Ari is wrong there is NO KABBALAH

joshwaxman said...

The gedolei yisroel are not stupid. But that does not mean that they cannot err. This is not something for the comment section. Please wait for my full post on this subject.

Someone is a rabbi, even if they sin. It is a mark of Torah knowledge and credential. I try to make it a point not to strip titles of people I disagree with, even where I think they are erring tremendously. Because all too often people strip it as a sort of silly insult. Obviously, this is an extreme case, so you are right that it is iffy.

In terms of Zohar, yes, the Ari interprets the Zohar, and this might call into question his ruach hakodesh. (Shadal basically says this.) The answer is two-fold. First, it is not the case that if the Arizal is wrong, there is no kabbalah. The Gra argued many times with the kabbalah of the Ari. And he would accept Zohar, but not the Arizal, as axiomatic in any debate on kabbalah. There is the kabbalah of the Ramak, who preceded the Arizal.

Second, the Zohar being a forgery does not mean that the Zohar is false. If I use the current state-of-the-art of astronomy and draw true conclusions about the universe, and attribute them to Galileo, then the true conclusions are still true. Just because the author used a pseudonym does not mean that he was saying fake things about kabbalah, which was passed down and was further developed through the centuries.

If the Zohar is true but a forgery, why can't the Arizal make use of it?

joshwaxman said...

"debate on kabbalah" should read "debate on chassidus"

Anonymous said...

"if the Ari is wrong there is NO KABBALAH"

Really? According to whom?



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