Monday, August 08, 2011

When the Fast of Tisha B'Av begins, in 2011, in Kew Gardens Hills, New York

Tonight starts the fast of the Ninth of Av, Tisha B'av. When does it start?

I can only tell you my local times. It differs by location. Please check the linked-to websites for your own local times, by filling in your own zip code.

For Kew Gardens Hills, in Queens:

From Chabad:

Shkiah (sunset) | Fast Begins
8:04 pm
Tzeit Hakochovim (nightfall)
8:40 pm

From MyZmanim:

Fast Begins at Sunset (See below)

Do not rely on zmanim times to the last moment.

Sunset****שקיעת החמה
In a level region [Set Elevation]8:02:54במישור

I think Kew Gardens Hills is elevated 24 meters (79 feet), so I put that in, and I got:

Sunset****שקיעת החמה
In a level region [Set Elevation]8:02:54במישור
Elevated 24 meters8:03:53בגובה 24 מטר

which is the same as the Chabad time.

I see that MyZmanim has a new opening screen, which prompts for zip code. And then, it only shows according fast end times according to one opinion. To see more opinions, you need to click through a warning screen to consult your own local Orthodox rabbi.

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