Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to print a parshablog post

People have asked me this in the past. Especially if you want to print out a bunch of parsha posts for Shabbos reading. The difficulty is that the sidebars (with the ads) also print, producing an excess number of pages. But I recently came up with a solution.

So, here was the question:

Hi Josh,

I have recently started reading your blog, what is a easy way to print an article? or in my case all the articles on each parsha?

Do you have them all in printable say word format?
And here was my answer:

The mobile version might make for easier printing.
Try printing a few pages of an article from here,
and see if it works for you:

The re%60eh is the parsha, which I got from clicking
on the re`eh label. And then I added ?m=1 to the URL
to get the mobile version of it.
Indeed, it does seem to work.

Simply selecting, copying and pasting to Microsoft Word rarely works, because the Hebrew gets reversed. One would need to select the Hebrew sentences after that and change the text direction. This is possible, but too time consuming.

Update: Someone (credited upon request, otherwise the default is to leave anonymous) wrote in to let me know about the website You can use their website, plugging in URLs as you wish, or you can install their toolbar plugin. Here is what he wrote:
screen shot of what happens when you click the “printfriendly” or “printability” toolbar thingies in firefox
been printing your stuff that way for a long time

Also, what the toolbar thing looks like in situ:

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