Friday, August 26, 2011

Mashiach chain-mail

Received via chain e-mail:
I'm passing on this email that I received - Harav   hamekubal nissim 
Shalom dreamt of his grandfather and was told that moshiach   is near, 
and says that whoever hurries and publicizes this to at least 12   
people they will be saved from the birth pangs of moshiach and whoever 
doesn't   may be subject to a great financial loss please forward 
quickly this is a   sh'at Ratzon.

Googled it and saw Imamother discussing it.


yaak said...

Also here.

By the fact that you publicized it on your blog, which gets to much more than 12 people (I'm guessing), you must have been worried...


Anonymous said...

Funny that Yaak mentions this. After reading the text of the chain email, I had to wonder about the pshat of Josh's "Heh."

Shabbat shalom,


Yeedle said...

first of all, if moshiach is coming, what kind of threat is financial loss? No need for money in moshiach's days?
Also, wasn't it R' Elimelech of Lizensk who had been mevatel chevlei moshiach? (on second thought, I think R' Yoelish Teitelbaum of Satmar said that the zionists brought back chevlei moshiach.)

joshwaxman said...

Sorry, David, but I was compelled to delete this comment. It seemed to much like promotion of other religions.

all the best,


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