Friday, March 04, 2011

Posts so far for parshat Pekudei


  1. Pekuday sorces -- further improved. For example, many more meforshei Rashi.
  2. The azla geresh on ve'et ha'eleph -- Two theories to explain this nikkud, one mechanical and the other quasi-midrashim. I lean heavily towards the former.
  3. YUTorah on Pekudei.
  4. Betzalel did all that Hashem commanded Moshe, pt i -- According to Rashi, Betzalel knew even that which Moshe didn't say to him, and also argued against the reverted order. How to understand this is a major dispute amongst super-commentators of Rashi. In this first part, we try to establish that Rashi never even juxtaposed the two midrashim, which may then impact how we understand what he does say.
  5. More about the curtain over the ark of the testimony -- A followup to a 2005 post on Pekudei. There, I noticed a variant text in Targum Pseudo-Yonatan that fixed a textual difficulty, substituting kappores for paroches. Now I check out other texts, such as Samaritan, Peshita, and Septuagint. 

  1. Pekudei sources -- revamped from last year. More than 100 meforshim on the parasha and haftara.

  1. Pekudei sources -- links by aliyah and perek to an online Mikraos Gedolos, and a whole slew of meforshim on the parsha and haftara.
  1. Moshe's blessing -- what was its contents? An open vs. closed canon approach.
  2. Who brought the Ketoret during the Days of Muluim? Moshe or Aharon? Rashi says something. Or does he?
  • The Curtain over the Ark of Testimony - was it the veil which shielded the ark? or the kapporet (a gold covering) which covered the ark? The Masoretic text and Tg. Onkelos vs. Targum Yonatan.
to be continued...

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