Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh! Nuts Purim Gift Raffle

Via Oh! Nuts, a raffle. If you enter, you have a chance to win a $30 gift certificate to Oh! Nuts.

They offer three ways to enter. [1] The first is to check out their Purim Basket Gift page, choose your favorite Purim gift, and leave a comment on this very blogpost (!) with the name and URL of the gift you love the most. They seem to have a variety of themed mishloach manot. For example, pictured to the right is the "Majestic Treasure Trove Mishloach Manot", going for about $86. At some point in the future, I will then randomly select a winner for the gift certificate.

[2] The second is to become a fan of the Oh Nuts Facebook page, and post on their wall the name and URL of your favorite Purim basket. Also, as part of this, you should write "I am here via parshablog".

[3] Follow  @ohnuts on Twitter and tweet " Win a Purim Basket from Follow @ohnuts and RT to Enter Daily "

For options [2] and [3], they pick a winner, not me.

Best of luck!


anny32 said...

Rainbow Chocolate Truffle Purim Basket,96&sort=price-high
zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

Sun Rae said...

I love the Deluxe Distinction - Purim Basket

patty said...

Executive Purim Tin Tower

Unknown said...

Royal Clock Display

Anonymous said...

Israeli flower blossoms!

Also following on Twitter! :-)

Experimental Knitter said...

My favorite:
Hard to pick just one though.

Susan said...

I like the Purim Mini Gift Tray.

G6 said...

Did you see the Glorious Grand Entrance Mishloach Manos ?

Thanks for running this giveaway.
This is my entry :)

Nancy R said...

Deluxe Distinction - Purim Basket
Item Number: 71127

Nothing to want for in this basket!

ladylisa1 said...

Purim Special-Tea Party

Anonymous said...

I'd like to try the Caramel Basket Chest.

Anonymous said...

I follow Oh Nuts on Facebook.

Melissa Kelley

Lexiquin said...

They're all fabulous! I especially like the True Blue Ambiance - Purim Gift
Natalie J Vandenberghe already likes Oh! Nuts on Facebook and @Lexiquin follows on Twitter
Thanks for the giveaway.

Hillel said...

I concur with G6; Grand Glorious Entrance looks crazy awesome!

Ann said...!/leCreoleMoon/status/46234634564022272

Can I finally win some nuts! lol ;)

Kat C said...

I like the Exquisite 4-Tier Mishloach Manos Everything looks so good on the trays - even if it is taller than me! LOL

Unknown said...

True Blue Ambiance - Purim Gift

Unknown said...

Royal Clock Display -->

Carolyn said...

My favorite Purim gift is the Magnificent Mahogany Table.


magsy said...

My favorite is the Majestic Treasure Trove

I follow and tweet @bockle

One Cryptic Mama said...

i like the Chocolate Truffle Oh! Nuts Purim Gift Box with Grape Juice
onecrypticmama AT yahoo DOT com

mkjmc said...
The Grand Umbrella Stand

Anonymous said...

I like the Magnificent Mahogany Table - Purim Arrangement


Anonymous said...

I love the Mega Magazine Rack gift basket:

christinaalmond at gmail dot com


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