Monday, March 14, 2011

YU Purim To-Go 5771

For the whole thing, click here. For last year's (=5770), click here.

Here is a list of the individual articles for download:

Individual Articles download
  1. Rabbi Yona Reiss - "Ad De'lo Yada: An Elucidation of the Notion of Intoxication on Purim"
  2. Rabbi Mordechai Willig - "When is a Bar Mitzvah in a Leap Year?"
  3. Rabbi Simon Basalely - "Seudat Purim"
  4. Rabbi Reuven Brand - "A Life of Giving"
  5. Rabbi Jonathan Cohen - "The Halachah of History: Ancient Cities and the Date of Purim"
  6. Rabbi Joshua Flug - "Why Don't We Recite Hallel on Purim?"
  7. Rabbi David Hellman - "The Meaning of Myrtles: Understanding Esther's Other Name"
  8. Rabbi Aaron Kraft - "The Man-Made Holiday"
  9. Rabbi Yoni Levin - "Making Scents of Purim"
  10. Rabbi Moti Neuburger - "Purim: Out of Control"
  11. Rabbi Etan Schnall - "A Tale of Two Cities? Shushan Purim in Modern-day Yerushalayim"
    Download Google Earth Map Relating to Article
  12. Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky - "Purim: The Other Day of Rest"
  13. Rabbi Moshe Stavsky - "The Machatzit HaShekel and Selfless Giving"
  14. Rabbi Yehuda Turetsky - "Hester Panim: Between Exile and Redemption"

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