Monday, March 07, 2011

YU Torah Purim Presentation

The following, I received earlier today in my email Inbox. It includes YU Purim To-Go for this year, 5771.

Purim shiurim and resources on YUTorah
insights into megilat estherkiymu v'kiblupurim inspiration
laws of mishloach manotthe laws of the purim seudahmatanot l'evyonim
getting drunk on purimremembering amalekhappiness
taanis estherhester panimlaws of al hanissim
miracleshumor in the Torahshiurim on mesechet megilla
Purim To-Go 5770 online at
Recordings from the Yom Iyun on Purim in Tanach, Talmud and Jewish History

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