Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interesting Posts and Articles #264

  1. In Hamodia, Rabbi Ari Zivotofsky about Glatt Kosher eggs.
  2. How in the 1950's, Mickey Mouse did speed, and was a meth-amphetamine dealer in Africa. Seriously.
  3. An IPhone App, Zmanim Clock, counts hours by שעות זמניות, based on your GPS coordinates.
  4. At Hirhurim, a segulah for a toothache, of saying something special in kiddush levanah. You need to say it at precisely 2:30, though.
  5. And a teshuvah to be mattir anisakis worms in fish, such that you need not inspect and extract them from each piece, by Rabbi Padwa.
  6. The excitement about the apocalyptic BP oil spil predicted in the Talmud continues. See VidYid and AJNWatch mention it. I explain why I don't think the gemara is talking about this, here.
  7. Whether the disagreement in Emanuel was discrimination against Sefardim or simply a matter of educating kids in the proper hashkafic environment, I think that the Israeli Supreme Court was on the mark in seeing contempt of court in attempts to circumvent the court's ruling. We, living in galus, are used to the idea that the government makes rule, and you can like it or lump it, but you must abide by it. Yet I think that in general, in dismissing the legitimacy of the Zionist enterprise, and by extension, the legitimacy of the state, chareidim in Israel in general do not think that the state has any say, and that rabbis can and regularly will "overrule" them. A few examples just from the past few days -- threats to not just demonstrate but violently riot if the mothers are jailed. And illegal construction of apartments in Yerushalayim, followed by riots as a result of the police raid on said apartment. And Chareidim stoning the van of two women coming to Meah Shearim for a brachah, because of a bumper sticker of Electra on the back of the van.
  8. The latest Havel Havalim, at Frume Sarah.
  9. Here at Parshablog, a source roundup for Balak.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Number 7, Charedim are violent and think they can get their way.

joshwaxman said...

i'm not sure it is fair to extrapolate to ALL chareidim. some are. but the tolerance for this and the general trend indicates to me that there might well be as background for this the idea that the state -- and by extension, its laws and the police -- are illegitimate. and if so, what right do they have to say a construction is illegal, or to raid an illegal apartment, or to lock up religious people who broke the law?


Daniel T said...

R Padwa deals with the issues I mentioned to you (other then briya, which you dealt with).
I think his last point is a big chiddush.
That with 2 dates if the first is assur and the second muttar then we follow majority of growth and the same here.
In other words minei gavli means that it is yotze min hachai and has a din of wherever it grew (not necessarily where it was created/born but where it developed from beginning to end.

He says our case doesn't have the tzad lhachmir of dates because it is the natural development and therefore is not like yotze laavir haolam. This has basis "haynu ribisei".

Gary said...


What's your take on the controversy regarding Sara Hurwitz visiting the 5 Towns and the Rabbi's denouncement?

joshwaxman said...

don't know.
i haven't really been following it.


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