Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the mailbag: Help Lancaster Yeshiva win a competition

Received by email:

I am a longtime reader of your blog (I have even commented occasionally - although not very often).
I wanted wanted to bring to your attention a new opportunity to help a wonderful jewish organization - the Lancaster Yeshiva.

If you are not familiar with it you can take a peek at this article which featured recently in Mishpacha magazine:

I think that this Yeshiva is an amazing and inspiring project despite the fact that (or maybe even because) it is not quite the kind of institution that usually gets the spotlight.
An internet voting competition for a 50,000$ grant is taking place this month on Pepsi's refresh project here:

More info:

I know personally some of the people involved in this project and it is indeed a most worthy cause.
It would be really really great if you could post a short notice about this contest.

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