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Pinchas sources

by aliyah
rishon (Bemidbar 25:10)
sheni (26:5)
shelishi (26:52)
revii (27:6)
chamishi (28:1)
shishi (28:16)
shevii (29:12)
maftir (29:35)
haftara (I Melachim 18:46-19:21)

by perek

Judaica Press Rashi in English and Hebrew
Shadal (here and here)
Daat -- with Rashi, Ramban, Seforno, Ibn Ezra, Rashbam, Rabbenu Bachya, Midrash Rabba, Tanchuma+, Gilyonot
Gilyonot Nechama Leibovitz (Hebrew)
Tiferes Yehonasan from Rav Yonasan Eibeshitz
Chasdei Yehonasan -- not until Shofetim
Toldos Yitzchak Acharon, repeated from Rav Yonasan Eibeshitz -- not until Matos
Even Shleimah -- from Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich
R' Saadia Gaon's Tafsir, Arabic translation of Torah (here and here)
Collected commentary of Saadia Gaon on Torah
Rashbam (and here)
Zohar, with English translation
Imrei Shafer, Rav Shlomo Kluger
Ibn Gabirol -- not until vaEtchanan
Rabbenu Yonah -- not until vaEtchanan
Aderet Eliyahu (Gra) -- not until Devarim
Sefer Zikaron of Ritva -- not until vaEtchanan
Tanach with He'emek Davar -- Netziv

The following meforshim at JNUL. I've discovered that if you click on the icon to rotate sideways, change to only black and white, select only the portion which is text, it is eminently readable on paper.
Ralbag (319; as far as I can tell, not until Devarim. But see Ralbag above, where he does discuss Balak. Maybe I erred -- I was not looking carefully; or maybe someone can give me a page number where he discusses Balak in this text)
Chizkuni (128)
Abarbanel (311)
Shach (249)
Yalkut Reuveni (pg 149)
Sefer Hachinuch (pg 121)
Aharon ben Yosef the Karaite (214)

Daat, Rashi In Hebrew (perek 2526272829)
Judaica Press Rashi in English and Hebrew
MizrachiMizrachi (264, JNUL)
Gur Aryeh (Maharal of Prague) -- and here
Berliner's Beur on Rashi (here and here)
Commentary on Rashi by Yosef of Krasnitz
R' Yisrael Isserlin (on Rashi, 15, JNUL)
Two supercommentaries on Rashi, by Chasdai Almosnino and Yaakov Kneizel
Rav Natan ben Shishon Shapira Ashkenazi (16th century), (JNUL, pg 142)
Also see Mikraos Gedolos above, which has Rashi with Sifsei Chachamim

ibn ezra
Daat, Ibn Ezra in Hebrew (perek 2526272829)
R' Shmuel Motot (on Ibn Ezra, pg 45, JNUL)
Ibn Kaspi's supercommentary on Ibn Ezra, different from his commentary (here and here)
Mekor Chaim, Ohel Yosef, Motot
Tanach with Perush al Ibn Ezra
Also see Mikraos Gedolos above, which has Ibn Ezra with Avi Ezer

Daat, Ibn Ezra in Hebrew (perek 2526272829)
R' Yitzchak Abohav's on Ramban (standalone and in a Tanach opposite Ramban)
Targum Onkelos opposite Torah text
Shadal's Ohev Ger on Targum Onkelos
Avnei Tzion -- two commentaries on Onkelos
Commentary on Targum Yonatan and Targum Yerushalmi

Rama (but based on alphabet, not parsha)
Vetus Testamentum
Midrash Rabba at Daat (perek 2526272829)
Midrash Tanchuma at Daat (perek 2526272829)
Bamidbar Rabba, with commentaries
Midrash Tanchuma with commentary of Etz Yosef and Anaf Yosef
Commentary on Midrash Rabba by R' Naftali Hirtz b'R' Menachem
Matat-Kah on Midrash Rabba
Nefesh Yehonasan by Rav Yonasan Eibeshutz
Tanach with Sifrei, Torah Or, and HaTorah veHamitzvah

haftara (I Melachim 18:46-19:21)
In a separate Mikraos Gedolos, with Targum, Rashi, Radak, Ralbag, Metzudat David.
As a haftara in a chumash Bamidbar, with Malbim and Ralbag
Haftarah in Gutnick Edition
Rashis in English
Daat, which includes Yalkut Shimoni
Aharon ben Yosef the Karaite
Sefer Melachim with Targum, Ralbag and Radak (JNUL, 146)
Abarbanel (255)

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