Friday, November 06, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #231

  1. Ishim veShitos puts up some info on Triangle K hechsher on juices:
    Marc Shapiro told me that he asked R Ralbag and was told that: "all the grape juice in HiC, Minutemaid, etc. is made specially under Triangle K hashgachah, in a special "crush" for these, companies. They make all the grape juice they need for the year in a month, under a mashgiach temidi.
  2. Diet sodas may hurt kidneys:
    Researchers analyzing the health habits of thousands of nurses found that women who drank two or more diet sodas daily had a two-fold increase in the risk of a significantly faster drop in their kidneys' ability to filter blood compared with those who drank one or none.

  3. Eruv Online on Rashi, and whether shishim ribo applies to the city or the street:

    However, the source for Rashi, the Behag (Berlin edition, p. 131; see the following post The Reprinting of the Berlin Edition of the Behag), refers to a place/street:

    רשות הרבים דוכתא דדשין בה שית מאה אלפי גוברין בכל יומא

    Therefore, it is unlikely that Rashi or any of the other Rishonimmaintains that shishim ribo applies to a city.

  4. Snopes has a picture of representatives playing Solitaire during a legislative session.

  5. Vos Iz Neias reprints the Jewish Star editorial on boycotting the Toldos Aharon rebbes. And Matzav condemns the Jewish Star. The Five Towns Jewish Times has a mixed review, but also see here.

    Related, Emes veEmunah on Kavod HaTorah.

  6. On the Main Line on the Koranic origin of the expression donkeys laden with books.

  7. Rabbi Slifkin is going to be offering free classes on Zoology and the Torah, and Science and the Torah, at Torah in Motion.

  8. Here at parshablog, does Ibn Caspi profess a weak corporealism, which has Hashem appear to Avraham in human form?

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