Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #193

  1. At Hirhurim, an amusing post by R' Ari Enkin about inducing labor. There has to be a stronger barrier between kabbalah and halacha. And writing about it in this straightforward manner, without distinguishing between sources and their respective weights does not seem the manner of pesak -- not that that was what he was intending here. This was the same "problem" as with the widow article.

  2. This week's Haveil Havalim was hosted by I'll Call Baila.

  3. Arutz Sheva reports on a new service in Israel -- women can call at night for someone to come to their house and kill a roach.

  4. Lemon Lime Moon on the unfortunate practice of equating our leaders with Hitler.
    First they equated George Bush with Hitler, now it's Obama. Soon it will be the next president whoever that is because people just run off at the mouth before engaging their brains.
    Besides being disgusting speech, it also trivializes the Holocaust.

  5. An article from a while ago, Rabbi Dr. Jacob J Schacter on "Facing the Truths of History".

  6. Rabbi Shimshon Pincus tz"l on people interpreting for themselves pesukim and present-day events as apocalyptic. He is against it. At Revach.

  7. Popular Mechanics on the shaky science behind forensics:
    Forensic science was not developed by scientists. It was mostly created by cops, who were guided by little more than common sense. And as hundreds of criminal cases begin to unravel, many established forensic practices are coming under fire. PM takes an in-depth look at the shaky science that has put innocent people behind bars.
  8. At the Yeshiva World, the Kalever Rebbe on how violence is unproductive.

  9. Happenings regarding shechita abroad.

  10. Here at parshablog, sources for parshat Re'eh.

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yaak said...

My third son was induced on the 7th of Av and was born on the night of the 8th of Av since my wife was very overdue. I don't regret the decision since the doctor advised it and a Rav was consulted, but I always wondered (not too seriously): was I preventing the birth of Mashiah (which is to occur on Tish'a Be'av)?

The good thing was that having a Tu Be'av Berit Mila gave me some good speech material.


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