Friday, August 21, 2009

Giving a shiur this Shabbos, on Divine Providence on the Battlefield

(for lists of my posts on this parsha, scroll down)
Or for fans of Jane Austen and Black Adder: Fate and Fatality.
I hope to give it between Mincha and Maariv this Shabbos at Etz Chaim, in KGH.
It basically is a reworking of this post.
my notes, to guide me through the shiur
order of the shiur

1) the pesukim, and the theological difficulty
2) the three approaches to death due to danger: rava, rabbi yochanan, rabbi chanina
      though this is not necessarily comprehensive
3) rashi, with rabbi yossi haglili and rabbi akiva about fear
      what about betrothed person and others? sifrei
4) rashi's supercommentators: 
      mizrachi, siftei chachamim on how this is in accordance with r' yossi haglili
   indeed, rashi on ki teizei
5) ibn ezra, and how it is open to interpretation
6) rav shmuel motot = rabbi chanina
7) avi ezer, at length. ibn ezra=kiruv; +rava
8) ramban, locally and that not real concern. 
      but doesn't call ibn ezra here a kofer, and partially
      says what ibn ezra says. only because it is milchemet
      mitzva (ibn ezra says reshut) will no one be harmed.
      but shoterim are talking about derech ha'aretz, without
      this special exception here.
9) expand on ramban about derech haolam and limitations to
      all-encompassing providence, with shaar hagemul's two 
10) if there is time, the rambam in moreh nevuchim and the 5 kats.


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