Thursday, June 04, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #152

  1. Menachem Mendel on the chazan in the ancient near east. Different meaning, though. He also takes note of the new talmud feature at HebrewBooks. Check out the details here.

  2. The Jewish Press has an interview with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks about his new siddur, the Koren siddur.

  3. Lion of Zion on how to shop for a yeshiva for your child (and whether a year in Israel has become a scam, in some way).

  4. Life In Israel on local sex abuse headlines in the Jerusalem Post. Check out the comment section. And check out HaEmtza's take, and the comments there. And ditto for Vos Iz Neias.

  5. Also at Emes veEmunah, Rabbi Manis Friedman responds. I agree that that was his intent in answering the question, and indeed that is how I read it without the elaboration.

  6. From today's Little Gamers, a generally unfunny and stupid webcomic that comes along with other webcomics in my newsreader. Are they anti-Semitic? Will anyone protest, or will that just give a lame webcomic undue attention?

  7. Frum Satire has decided to grow out his hair again. Supposedly the ladies dislike it. Appropriate for this week's haftarah, about the birth of Shimshon. The ladies eventually managed to get rid of all that hair, of course.

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IudaismRo said...

Shopping for yeshiva is quite curious and interesting...


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