Monday, June 15, 2009

Interesting Posts and Articles #159

  1. The Muqata has how Jerusalem astrologers failed to predict a tax raid.

  2. At BeyondBT, a plug for Shir Halev, which is a Jewish zemer resource for people trying to learn zemirot. They only accept zemirot sung by males, though. And an "interesting" comment thread there. I chime in.

  3. Hirhurim on swearing in court and in jury duty.

  4. Rationalist Judaism posts the second and final part of a translation of some of Rav Gedaliah Nadel's Torah.

  5. Netanyahu's speech -- a transcript.

  6. Very upsetting story about Lynndie England.

  7. On parshablog, I am examining the Gra's discouraging of dealing with dybbuks and maggidim.

  8. At Divrei Chaim, restoring the "true" text of Tanach; and how this relates to old and new "masorah." I also have some good comments there, IMHO, which I may well expand to make a post. It was a good question and a good post, even though in this particular instance I think that we do have the true text of Tanach.

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