Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Apologies for the inappropriate advertisement

I just noticed that the leaderboard advertisement at the top of my blog showed an inappropriate ad. I usually do not filter the ads, because they change so often based on content, there are so many of them, and the process is involved. In this case, it was an ad with inappropriate graphics, from Trojan. While I am fairly confident that no one here is going to be clicking on the occasional "messianic" ad, I ignore them. But this is in-your-face graphics. Since it was based on Adobe Flash, right-clicking did not work to get the URL to block it. And downloading the Ad Preview tool to get the URL did not work either, as this ad did not show up. I solved the problem for the moment by changing it from text and graphics to just plain text, and so that ad from that company no longer shows up. I guess I'll have to wait out this ad campaign.

Again, my apologies, if you happened to notice it.


Yosef Greenberg said...

I didn't.

However, Google does provice an option in Adsense where you can block specific advertisers.

joshwaxman said...

yeah, i tried using the competitive ad filter, but you need the url of the ad to block it. and being a Flash ad, it wasn't coming up, and i am not allowed to click on my own ads. a crazy situation.


Ariella's blog said...

I recently signed up for ad sense but specified text only ads to avert the problem some banners may present.

joshwaxman said...

it's a good approach. on the other hand, the graphics ads look so much nicer, in the general case...


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