Saturday, December 13, 2008

Q74 Service In Kew Gardens Hills In Danger of Being Cut

The Ravitch Report, which called for revenue enhancements to save forestall proposed MTA service cuts, has changed nothing.

Service on the Q-74 bus, which stops near your door, is in danger of ending.

Facing a $1.2 billion budget gap, the MTA will formally present its 2009 budget to the MTA board on December 17. Barring support from the state legislature, fare hikes and severe service cuts will become effective next year.

Eliminating all service on the Q-74 will be one of many service "reductions" included in the budget. This is not a reduction-it is elimination and once gone, the Q-74 will never return.

The Q-74 serves Queens College, Pomonok Houses, Georgetown Mews, the Mainstay Co-ops, Townsend Harris High School, the Stepping Stone School, the North Queens High School, the Rabbinical Seminary of America and hundreds of Kew Gardens Hills residents. It is in effect an extension of the E and F subway lines for the passengers it transports every day. Loss of the Q-74 will turn riders to their cars. Increased commuting time will further depress property values. The Q-74 is an essential part of living, working and going to school in KGH.

As stakeholders in this community , we cannot afford to lose the Q-74.

We can hang separately or together. There is strength in numbers so there are some thing we need to do. First, let everyone in your school, development- -and your neighbors--know that this community is risk of losing the Q-74--and what it will mean to them! For instance, if they are forced to take an extra bus to the subway, they will have to pay a second fare.

Let all your elected officials know that we expect their support to retain the Q-74.

Senator Toby Ann Stavisky
144-36 Willets Point Boulevard
Flushing, NY 11357
718 445-0004

Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn
159-06 71 Avenue
Flushing, NY 11365
718 969-1508

Councilman James F Gennaro
185-10 Union Turnpike
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366
718 217-4969

Community Board 8
197-15 Hillside Avenue
Hollis, NY 11423
718 264-7895

I plan on speaking for KGHCA at the MTA meeting on Dec 17 and will need copies of your letters by December 14. You can mail them to KGHCA, PO Box 670085, Flushing, NY 11367--085.

Please call me at 718 268-5960 or 718 263-1760 with any questions or suggestions.

Patricia Dolan
Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association

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Unknown said...

We're right by the Q64, so this wouldn't really affect us, but that's huge for a lot of our friends...


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